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Victor Towle
8999 Miners Pl.
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
New 2005 Release!

1.The Simple Truth  (listen)
2.From The Top
3.You Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do
4.French Kiss
6.Pinch Penny Blues
7.My Smile And My Tears
9.Yesterday You Said
10.Finding A Way
11.Waking Up
12.Faded Flowers
14.Colbys' Song

2001 Release

1.Heart Starts Singing This Song  (listen)
2.Nobody' Fault
3.Shimmering Dawn
4.Is It Too Late To Apologize
5.Eyes On The Road
6.Gathering Stones
7.Lo & Behold
9.Our Love
11.Free To Be Me

Debut Album Released in 1996

1.Fishing On Down Stream
2.Way Down
3.My Life
4.When The Good Times Come
5.One Day Soon
6.When All Is Said And Done
7.Innocent Babe
8.Love Like A River
9.Lackadaisical Day Dream
10.Patient And Slow
11.Broken In Two
12.You Really Hurt Me
13.Gentle Storm

Victor Towle: Gathering Stones
Victor Towle: The Simple Truth
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